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IGSD Ozone/Climate Briefing Note: Strengthening the Montreal Protocol by Promoting the Destruction of ODS Banks

FAQs on ODS Banks Destruction under the Montreal Protocol

IGSD Briefing Note:
Abrupt Climate Change and Tipping Points
Abrupt Climate Change and Tipping Points (Chinese)

The Importance of Military Organizations in Protecting the Climate, 3-5 November 2008, Paris, France

Major Economies Promote Montreal Protocol, Fast Action on Climate

How to Tackle Greenhouse Gases” a letter from IGSD President to The Washington Post

MEA Bulletin guest article: Start then Strengthen: The Importance of Immediate Action for Climate Mitigation, by K. Madhava Sarma & Durwood Zaelke

MEA Bulletin guest article: Fast and Furious: Early Agreement on Fair and Equitable Financing is Key to Post-2012 Treaty by Romina Picolotti, Argentina’s Minister of Environment

EPA Honors Montreal Protocol Champions for Protection of Climate

Black Carbon a Major Contributor to Climate Change: a letter to the International Herald Tribune

The Montreal Protocol and Climate Change: Lessons for Success” Side Event, 4 December 2007, Bali

Bali Side Event powerpoint presentations:
Mr. Marco Gonzalez, Executive Secretary of the Ozone Secretariat
Mr. K. Madhava Sarma, former Executive Secretary of the Ozone Secretariat
Mr. Husamuddin Ahmadzai, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

How to Make Bali Climate Talks Productive: Some Hints from the Montreal Protocol
Comments on this document should be sent to Durwood Zaelke or K. Madhava Sarma

Montreal Protocol's Key Lessons for Climate Negotiations

MEA Bulletin Guest Article by Romina Picolotti, Argentina's Minister of Environment: A Tale of Two Cities: Lessons for Climate Negotiators

Strengthened Ozone Treaty Provides Powerful Climate Mitigation, IGSD press release, 23 Sep 07

Montreal, 20 years later by Achim Steiner, OtttawCitizen.com

Ozone Treaty's Role in Combating Climate Change, UNEP Press Release 14 Sept:

Ozone treaty, rare global success, fetes 20-year mark by Marlowe Hood, AFP

Climate talks in Montreal to take dual aim Yahoo, AFP

Global climate change, ozone layer are tied: UN official Yahoo, AFP

Joint Statement on Climate Change and Energy by President Bush and Australian Prime Minister John Howard

Ozone treaty offers insurance against climate change by SHEILA WATT-CLOUTIER, Toronto Globe

How to Gain A Climate Consensus by George P. Shultz, Washington Post

Beyond Kyoto: Harvesting the Montreal Protocol's Low-Hanging Fruit by Dan Worth, The Huffington Post

The ozone treaty can do much more for the planet by Dr. Mario Molina, Financial Times

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